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Ceramic exterior and interior cladding
Ventilated façade cladding, interior cladding and finishes, shading systems with baguette and lamella tiles

Fibre cement

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Fibre cement interior and exterior cladding
Ventilated façade cladding, interior walls and finishes, ceilings

Reinforced concrete

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Glass fibre reinforced concrete - Polycon
Ventilated façade cladding, interior cladding and finishes, design objects

Decorative ceramic clay

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Ceramic clay architectural elements - Kenzan
Interior and exterior decorative tiles

Projects in Romania and in partnership in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Moldova

Office buildings
Shopping centres
Public buildings

Interior and exterior cladding

For investors, general contractors, end beneficiaries

  • Preparation of technical specifications and designs
  • Organization of tenders (technical specifications)
  • Evaluation of suppliers
  • Cost management
  • Procurement of materials
  • Performance in manufacturing and installation

Technical support

For architects, design engineers, specialised contractors, consultants, project managers, etc.

We provide solutions for:

  • Façade details
  • Shading solutions
  • Sound damping/attenuation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Technical investigations through non-invasive methods
  • Envelope inspection in terms of energy
  • Construction diagnosis (humidity, mould, thermal bridges, infiltration, etc.)
  • Analysis of failures in façade manufacturing and installation
  • Solutions to remedy deficiencies and improve performance of envelopes
  • Technical evaluation of buildings on purchase

Marketing and delivery

For manufacturers of cladding systems and materials

1. Entry of products in new markets

2. Support to the new sales team

3. Integration of the newly created organisation into the corporation

  • Product strategy
  • Price management
  • Delivery management
  • Technical support on installation on site
  • After-sales service
  • Logistics support on purchasing products
  • Marketing strategy

At the express request of the supplier of goods, purchases as distributor of products may be made for certain orders.


Ventilated facades and ceramic shadowing systems

The burned clay material for ventilated facades is processed by extruded clinker clay an innovative technology that allows baking the clay in the oven, giving the material quality surface, durability and resistance to environmental and atmospheric factors.

Extremely variable design for closings and curved surfaces, offers unlimited design possibilities and solutions by customizing the colors, the variety of finishes and tile formats.

Smooth or glazed, grooved, the ceramic panels are available in a large variety of colours, full body coloured or with anti-graffiti coating, available on request.

Technical specifications

Fibre cement / composite interior and exterior panels

Ventilated façade cladding and finishes, interior walls, ceilings

Fibre cement ventilated cladding panels are natural composite materials with special design and structure, providing a high degree of adaptability for architectural projects.

The diversity of textures and finishes, provide solutions for ventilated facades cladding, interiors, attics, windows or roofs.

The fiber cement panels are thin and lightweight and can be cut into different various sizes or shapes, can be stamped, printed or or perforated and can be added additional protection treatments, they are fireproof and have a long life expectancy in the most demanding environmental conditions.

Easily mounted on the vertical structure on metal or wooden profiles structure with visible or hidden fixing methods, including riveting, screwing or gluing, fiber cement panels are available in a variety of colors and also in custom colors.

customized ventilated facades with fiber cement boards
ventilated facades on curve structure with fiber cement boards
fiber cement ventilated facades cladding
fiber cement ventilated facades
ventilated facades customized with fiber cement boards
ventilated facades with fiber cement boards

Glass fibre reinforced concrete - Polycon

Ventilated façade cladding, interior cladding and finishes, design objects

GFRC panels are products made of composite material that, by combining concrete and glass fibre, combines the advantages of the two materials. The resistance of concrete and the flexibility of glass fibre define a material with high potential, which has much higher elastic modulus and tensile strength.

The flexible pigmentation allows obtaining unique colour shade materials, in addition to standard colours, while production flexibility can be used to manufacture thin panels, customised 3D elements, precisely executed according to the desired shape, for individual projects and also fireproof insulation panels.

With its customised colours, shapes and sizes, this material offers elegant solutions to structurally complex details and is suitable for implementation in unique and original projects.

The surface finish can be customized (plaster, wood, masonry, stone and rocks, geometric patterns, oriental structures, disruptive patterns, ribbed and corrugated profiles, texts, logos, numbers, icons, etched structures, etc.)

The panels can be mounted on strong and stable structures (aluminum, steel) by means of visible or hidden fasteners including rivets, screws, anchoring or gluing.

Ventilated facades, shape and corner elements, customized items.
polycon-aura reald 3d
Ventilated facades, elements in 3D, corner and flushing elements, customized items.
Interior Acoustic panels: conference rooms, theaters, concert halls, classrooms, etc.
Interior and exterior furniture: Tables, Benches, chairs, stairs, floors, dishes, offices reception, bar, kitchen, wash-boards.
Download technical specifications
ventilated facades glass fiber reinforced concrete
reinforced concrete ventilated facades
concrete ventilated facades 3D customized
ventilated facades customized 3D shape
ventilated facades with glass fiber reinforced concrete
ventilated facades glass fiber reinforced concrete

Ceramic architectural elements - Kenzan

Interior and exterior decorative tiles

Japanese ceramic art provides creative solutions to decorate spaces in a very special manner.

3D ceramic decorative tiles, with spectacular finishes and unique designs are made of burned clay processed with various finishes, raw or glazed, in natural colours, fitting the highest standards of aesthetics.

With the originality and uniqueness of shapes, the Kenzan decorative elements can easily customise any interior or exterior space, covering various spaces and shapes, be it partition walls, interior cladding and finishes or decorative exterior cladding for buildings.


placari interioare decorative
Unglazed ceramic pieces for indoor walls, receptions, bars, kitchens, bathrooms


placari exterioare decorative
Glazed ceramic tiles for facades, exterior walls, exterior applications


pereti separatori trafor kenzan.jpg
Decorative ceramic tiles for indoor and outdoor separator walls
Download technical specifications
interior decorative walls with terracotta tiles
screen walls from terracotta tiles
interior decorative screen wall
interior design decorative walls
decorative screen walls ceramic
decorative terracotta tiles for interior screen walls
Screen walls teracota decorativa
Screen walls teracota decorativa
Screen walls teracota decorativa
Screen walls teracota decorativa

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