About us

The core of our activity is supported by co-creation, added value, and social needs.

Together with our customers, their specialists and the community, we find the best solution to maximise the return on investment, while also serving social needs.

Co-created solutions lead to better performance of each project.

Our target areas are cladding and envelope insulation (lowering costs for heating/cooling), shading (lowering costs for cooling), low emission materials (lowering carbon emissions), chimney effect (keeping a dry envelope), solutions for noise atenuation inside buildings (creating better indoor environments for activities without the stress caused by noise), prevention of installation errors (no thermal bridges means no humidity and mould), use of recyclable materials (means having a healthy environment).

The added value we bring this way will be reflected in better housing, with friendly and healthy environments, decorated with premium design products, in providing a climate suitable for the raising of our children, in protecting our future and eventually in simply enjoying a good life.

In this way, the co-created value (together with customers and the community) becomes a shared value serving the needs of the society.


The cladding panels we recommend are carefully selected, deliver high performance, and are suitable for a wide range of applications (houses, schools, residential buildings, office buildings, commercial premises, public institutions, etc.).

We want our services for architectural products and cladding industry to produce better housing, better life and a friendly environment.